Thrivify Academy takes a scientific approach to renovate the human mindset.

Achieving the highest state of productivity performance.

Creating a truly advanced personal and professional productive lifestyle.

United States of Intelligence

UNITED STATES OF INTELLIGENCE book is the most complete book, creating the gateway to future you. It is an interactive, practical and comprehensive book, complemented with the Thrivify App, Planner and Journal.

Mission Success Workshops

The Thrivify Mission Success Productivity workshops are a hands-on, interactive and practical experience. They are suited for individuals, entrepreneurs, employees and executives. They are designed and based on United States of Intelligence book principles. These workshops will empower all students to become envisioners; by learning the ideology, ecology and methodologies of productivity.

Thrivify Mobile App

The Thrivify Mobile App works perfectly with United States of Intelligence book and Blueprint Planner. The App enables you to assess your current life, reflect on your past, journal your life with video, audio and text.
Use affirmation and gratitude functions to assist you to plan and build your future.

Blueprint Planner

The Thrivify Blueprint Planner is an interactive all-in-one scheduling tool. It works with the United States of Intelligence book and Thrivify Mobile App to empower you to plan your months, weeks and days by clarifying your goals.

Reflect Time Journal

Reflecting on our choices allows us to revise our decisions, making the correct adjustments to our direction based on available choices and plan a smoother path to our goal.

If we don’t reflect on our mistakes, most likely we will repeat them. Reflection allows us to prevent them in the future and turn them into life lessons.


Thrivify Productivity Academy

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